My first voyage to Antarctica was at a young age in 2007. This is where my passion for the frozen continent began. Since then I have returned on 4 different expedition ships to the Antarctic peninsula with my most recent expedition aboard a Russian icebreaker with the Antarctic Heritage Trust in the position of a photographer. 
Broken remnants of a vast tabular berg in the open ocean near the Antarctic convergence. 
As it slowly fell apart, this vast iceberg sat grounded in Cierva Cove on the Antarctic Peninsula. 
Humpback whales in Wilhelmina Bay.
Olympic kayaker Mike Dawson passing a grounded Iceberg near Cuverville Island on the Antarctic Peninsula.
The rocky bluffs of Half Moon Island.
Gargantuan tabular icebergs floating through Iceberg Alley. 
Gentoo penguin chicks amongst the rookeries of Port Lockroy.
Adelie penguins making a frantic dash to the sea at Browns Bluff. 
The Antarctic Heritage Trust expedition team: Lana Kiddie-Vai, Mele Fetu’u, Leah Stewart, Marco de Kretser, Mike Dawson, Rosanna Price, Georgie Archibald and myself at our Portal Point Campsite.
Juvenile penguins unable to swim often pace the rocky shores.
A melting iceberg trapped in Cierva cove. 
Georgie Archibald amidst the brash ice of Paradise harbour.
A crab eater seal mouthing the snow to clean it's teeth. 
Juvenile Adelie penguins that have been abandoned by their parents on the beach of Browns Bluff. 
Sleeping seals on small icebergs called 'bergy bits'. 
At the Antarctic Peninsula sunsets last for hours as the sun drops slightly below the horizon to rise again quickly. 
A truly surreal sunset in Iceberg alley made for tricky navigation as some of the Tabular Icebergs were bigger than the ship itself.